profecyINTEL works on due diligence in biotechnology and device space for:
  • Private investments
  • Angel investors or venture capitalists
  • Private equity firms or investment banks
  • IPO targets
  • Mergers and acquisitions
profecyINTEL provides potential investors with intelligence and recommendations on product and/or company value based on available evidence and integral knowledge of biotechnology and device space as well as the economic and investment dynamics. Our bespoke analyses provide in-depth insights on assets, product portfolios and company value in relation to investment price points and financial potential in the biotechnology and device sector. We assist investors with monitoring operations and performance or to protect their biotechnology or device investments. Under this service, profecyINTEL can help you by:
  • Conducting the due diligence research
  • Independently reviewing findings from:
  • Your internal due diligence research
  • Research by an external vendor
  • Map and evaluate your current intel and:
  • Identify gaps and recommend mitigation strategies
  • Make recommendations on price points for investments
  • Compare data on competing investment targets
  • Characterize competitive landscape for products or portfolios