profecyINTEL works with biotechnology and device company executives in:

  • Start-ups (privately financed, pre-IPO)
  • Small biotech/device companies (market cap < $1 billion)
  • Medium-sized biotech/device companies (market cap $1-50 billion)
  • Large biotech and pharmaceutical companies (market cap > $50 billion)

profecyINTEL works with the executives to map evidence to identify respective unmet needs while accounting for the prevailing competitive landscape and economic forces. We aim to enhance potential value and strategically position product and company for commercial and financial advantage. Our strategies are therefore aimed to ultimately improve investor relations by optimizing meeting regulatory requirements, patient access, payer negotiations, product value, and investment potential. Low pricing for services offered with exceptional efficiency and quality of deliverables in a timely fashion. Under this service, profecyINTEL can help you by:

  • Map your current evidence available to:
  • Identify evidence gaps and recommend mitigation strategies
  • Make recommendations for strategic evidence generation
  • Iindependently reviewing findings from:
  • Internal research or research conducted by other vendors
  • Asses impact of current evidence on value for your:
  • Product, portfolio and/or company or stock
  • Develop complete global value dossier including conducting systematic review, meta-analysis, cost-effectiveness model and budget impact model starting from $350K